Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scott - Sketchbook Doodles

Seems like I'm updating here every Thursday...interesting.

These are a bunch of random ink pen drawings I've done while I'm in classes. There are more in my book but these are the decent ones. They cover about 3 weeks or so.


  1. Ah, they are all so amazingly inked. I've seen most of these on their own in your sketchbook but seeing them all together is even better! I'd have to say the little "Feels good" guy is the most impressive out of these sketches haha.

  2. That was William's! D: DAMN HIS INCREDIBLE SKILL!!!

  3. rofl the one drawing of will's in the corner. IT'S BEEN SO LONG

    and yeah those kids with the masks! that's exactly what i was envisioning for the site. i was gonna do a mock up for you but my drawing skills were failing pretty hard that night ]:

    but I will use these drawings to do it now! haha

  4. Hahah Awesome. I'm going to try to get a template made this weekend 'cause that site's gotta go uuuuuupppp! Your idea has got me pumped to do it though!

  5. OMG there's a TROLL!!! BWWAHAHAHHA!! Maynerd!! I'm jk seeing these on a computer screen is waaaaaaaay easier than peering over your shoulder in class!

  6. Oh, dude I forgot to tell you these tips for web designing:

    -remember to keep contrast in mind, too high of a contrast is bad but too low isn't good either. keep in mind the 20-80% contrast range when considering colors.
    -keep designs FRESH. you want something that really stands out uniquely amongst the rest of other people's portfolio/studio sites. Never copy anything you see but use it as loose inspiration; make sure you give off the right impression, too: subdued colors make you look boring and layout without a main color scheme makes you look disorganized.
    -tables are so 90s. ;D
    but I don't even have a problem with that IF you twist that into something refreshingly new.

    Anyways, I'll finally do that mock up thing for you right now.